Photo © Lorena Hitchens 2022.

About me & my research


I am pursuing a PhD project on Roman dodecahedra, fascinating and enigmatic artefacts from the north-northwestern provinces of the late Roman Empire. The culmination of this project will include an exhibit about dodecahedra at the Great North: Hancock museum in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


I received a Distinction mark for my MA degree from Newcastle University in Roman Frontier Studies in Archaeology. My dissertation topic documented all the known finds of dodecahedra from Roman Britain (~32 of the ~130 in Europe). I went in-depth with new laboratory analysis of three specific dodecahedra, which I call "the North East 3". These three artefacts are from the eastern half of the Hadrian's Wall corridor, in England: Corbridge, Newcastle, and South Shields.

I presented some of my findings to the Roman Finds Group's Autumn Conference, on 7th October 2022.


I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a BA in Physical Anthropology, emphasising forensic anthropology, known as osteology or biological anthropology in the UK. I also studied Classics. My foreign language was Latin.