Photo © Lorena Hitchens 2022.


Dodecahedra Girl is on Digging for Britain!

About 28 minutes into Season 11 Episode 4 is the story of a very exciting new dodecahedron find that I was involved with recently. 

This episode will be broadcast at 8:00 PM GMT on Tuesday 9 January, and is available on BBC iPlayer any time.

And yes, Alice Roberts is extremely nice! As was everyone associated with the show at Rare TV. It was a terrific experience. Alice invited me to come back when I have more dodecahedra results I can share...I definitely will.

Read more about (and please support) the Norton Disney History and Archaeology Group here. They are so much more than gifted amateurs! 😉 (Right, Richard?)


It's been a busy year, and more and more dodecahedra keep coming into my life. (Thank you, universe!) Since I finished my MA a year ago, I've now logged EIGHT more dodecahedra in western Europe, and they just keep turning up. 

Thank you to all my collaborators and clients, supervisors and friends for a great 2023.