Photo © Lorena Hitchens 2022.


New YouTube channel for Dodecahedra Girl

No videos there yet, but I had to establish a channel. 

There has been a great deal of opportunistic blagging about dodecahedra in the press lately by unqualified non-specialists, passing themselves off as experts. Sigh. Just: don't.

I have done what I can with a couple of long, heartfelt Twitter threads (part 1, part 2), but the fight against misinformation continues. 

Mad props to @FlintDibble and his recent gutsy appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Flint has inspired me to speak up and speak out more about my expertise and the evidence vs misinformation fight. 

Dodecahedra Girl gets published!

My brief article on the South Shields dodecahedron is in the current issue of Archaeologia Aeliana (Sixth Series, Volume 2) with lovely colour images!

Photo: Don O'Meara

Dodecahedra Girl is on Digging for Britain!

About 28 minutes into Season 11 Episode 4 is the story of a very exciting new dodecahedron find that I was involved with recently. 

This episode will be broadcast at 8:00 PM GMT on Tuesday 9 January, and is available on BBC iPlayer any time.

And yes, Alice Roberts is extremely nice! As was everyone associated with the show at Rare TV. It was a terrific experience. Alice invited me to come back when I have more dodecahedra results I can share...I definitely will.

Read more about (and please support) the Norton Disney History and Archaeology Group here. They are so much more than gifted amateurs! 😉 (Right, Richard?)


It's been a busy year, and more and more dodecahedra keep coming into my life. (Thank you, universe!) Since I finished my MA a year ago, I've now logged EIGHT more dodecahedra in western Europe, and they just keep turning up. 

Thank you to all my collaborators and clients, supervisors and friends for a great 2023.